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Posted by – July 23, 2012

Please tell me a little bit about yourself and your practice.

It is really hard for me to eat an apple. I like black socks. I don’t like cutting my fingernails. I can’t remember my social security number or my astrological sign. I don’t sleep with a pillow. My art practice is always growing but is predominantly painting and is the focus of mostly all energy. A lot of what I do is still a mystery to me that I’m solving and unsolving.

Where did you study? What kind of an influence has this had on your practice?

I studied at the San Francisco Art Institute. That place definitely influenced the way I think about art – there’s no other art school like it.

What have you been doing since graduating?

I graduated a couple months ago and drove across the United States with 3 other dudes in a van (see fecal face) and now I’m in New York for an indefinite period of time. I’ve been working on a series of drawings and doing a little bit of art production assistant work for MTV.

What struggles do you face in your practice? Do you have any insecurities while making your work?

It’s mostly a struggle. I’m usually pretty critical of everything I do and after finishing a piece I don’t want to look at it anymore. Whatever it is I’m trying to do is impossible but sometimes I get close.

Do you find yourself attracted to work that is unlike yours, or work that is very similar?

I’m attracted to a variety of things. I went to the Metropolitan Museum the other day and was attracted to a lot of things there which are very different than what I do, but I find interest in many things that I can’t necessarily relate to but can relate to on my own level and at the same time I really enjoy things that are more similar to what I do.

Who are some other San Francisco based artists whose work you are interested in? Artists in general who you are influenced by?

There’s too many to name – I’m influenced by a lot of my friends that make art.

What music do you listen to while working in the studio, if any?

Usually always listening to something. Today I recall listening to a lot of Flying Burrito Brothers and Lee Hazlewood.

What are some of your favorite things to do in SF? Places to eat? Way to spend a day off?

Lurk, bomb hills, breathe, I never know what to do with my free time so I probably just work in the studio. I’m not really a big food person but I eat a lot of food from Trader Joes or maybe Taqueria Cancun, Chicos Pizza, Inn n Out Burger. I sure do miss SF.

Do you have any upcoming exhibitions or projects?

I have an upcoming two person show with Eric Shaw at FFDG in September and will be one of 100 artists in a group show in Portland, OR at Breeze Block Gallery curated by Sven Davis, and I will be constructing an apocalypse hideout shelter at Ever Gold Gallery in SF, December 21st 2012.



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